Custom Projects

Lyon’s Edge was retained by CAP Health to design and build a wall coined, the “CAP Matrix”.  This is not a climbing wall; it is a one-of-a-kind assessment and training tool CAP envisioned and developed for cognitive and physiological health. Lyons Edge worked closely with CAP to build this unique wall and crafted all the holds including a unique hold CAP designed.

According to CSO and Co-Founder of CAP Corporation, Sherwin Ganpatt, “Climbing is largely tactile in nature and our fingertips act as secondary brains, computing information even prior to reaching our brain. For cognitive health, the wider and more varied, complex, and challenging the stimulus or "blind puzzles" are, the better the training effect”. 

CAP has developed three CAP Matrix Programs 4 Climbers, Brain Repair, and Athletic Tune-Up

Climbers – unique training exercises designed that enable you to reach the next dimension in your climbing.

Brain Repair –stimulating new neural pathways so you achieve higher levels of cognitive function.

Tune Up – assessing your injuries and potential limitations to improve your recovery and prevent injuries.

If you are interested in learning more about custom projects contact us, or if you are interested in the CAP Matrix, contact