Once, at the climbing gym...

Hey Daniel, Kenton, do you guys want to start a business selling hangboards?

Yeah, that sounds fun.

And thus, Lyons Edge was born...
What do you get when you combine a carpenter, an avid climber, and a wannabe entrepreneur?
You get this company.

Daniel Lyons is a finishing carpenter by profession. He spends his days building high quality built-in shelving units and laying baseboard with the precision of a piano maker.

Kenton is the climber. I mean, we all love climbing, but Kenton is the one who - without warning - will have suddenly disappeared to Kyrgyzstan to climb some new routes. We don’t know where he is half the time, but we’re pretty sure he’s out climbing somewhere.

Ryan is the one who wanted to turn this into a business. He left his cushy engineering job with lofty dreams of working for himself and thought these hangboards were a product people could really benefit from.

With our combined skills and passions, we have put together hangboards that are finely crafted and truly have what it takes to improve your climbing abilities.