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Small but mighty. Throw this lightweight board into your pack and take it to the base of your next climb to warm up before you send it.

  • Made of one solid piece of Ash wood - the best wood for hangboard training.
  • Generous 1/4" roundover for superior finger comfort while training.
  • 3 depths for varying degrees of challenge. 
  • Full 18-inch-wide ledges provide maximum versatility (use as many fingers as you want to train with, in any orientation).
  • Includes 7mm static cord for suspending the hangboard.
    • In the event you need more/longer rope to suspend your hangboard, 7mm static cord is a standard size available in most outdoor shops
  • Hangboard goes into vertical position when hanging.

*Carabiner not included

We offer Free Shipping for all orders within Canada and the USA. Each Lyons Edge Hangboard is made and shipped out of Calgary, Canada. We will always do our best to have your order shipped within 1 business day of when you order. After that, delivery time should only take 4-9 business days depending on your proximity to Calgary. Faster delivery options are shown at checkout for an extra charge if you so desire. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order has shipped. 

In the (unlikely) event that you don't love your hangboard, we offer free return shipping within 30 days of delivery. All you have to do is reach out to, and we'll send you a shipping label you can print out and tape to the original box. For returns to be valid, we must receive the hangboard back in like-new condition and in the original packaging. Once we have received the returned hangboard and validated it, we will refund your purchase price in full. 

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☞ Free Shipping + Free Returns ☜

When we say handmade...

We truly mean that we make them by hand, ourselves. Lyons Edge is owned and operated by three friends: Kenton Wickersham, Ryan Cathcart and Daniel Lyons (he had the coolest last name, so he got the namesake). When you get your hangboard it will be made with our hands, out of a solid piece of Ash wood, crafted for a lifetime of getting you prepared for your next climbing milestone.

Why is Ash wood so important?

Plastics are too rough.

Ask anyone who has done extensive hangboard training - plastic hangboards will shred the pads right off your fingers. For long, effective training sessions the soft texture of wood is the only way to go. Save your fingers for climbing. 

Some woods are too slick.

Certain, cheaper, woods like poplar/tulipwood have a very tight grain, which give them a comparatively slippery texture. This reduction in friction means that you need to either reduce the roundover (resulting in sharp, uncomfortable edges), or increase the depth of the hold (resulting in less effective training). 

Ash wood is just right.

Ash wood has a more open grain, which gives it the soft, comfortable feeling of wood with a grippy texture perfect for hangboard training. It allows us to incorporate a comfortable 1/4" roundover on each ledge without compromising training effectiveness. It also just happens to look incredible. 

↤ The grooves go ALL the way across ↦

You've probably noticed that our hangboards don't have the common "cheese grater" design of other hangboards. Other companies seem to want to impress you with a long list of included holds, but all those "extra holds" are really just adding unnecessary limitations. It adds nothing to your training to have a specific "3-finger pocket" when you can simply use 3 fingers in any position on any rung. By not adding those unnecessary finger width restrictions on our hangboards, we actually enable the maximum number of possible holds. 

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